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2020 Interview Reutlinger Generalanzeiger
2019 Interview im Hessischen Runfunk
2019 Der Herzschlag des Gletschers: Uni Tübingen Aktuell 1/2019
2019 Radio CantaloupeFM: Was ist so schlimm wenn die Gletscher schmelzen?
2017 Interview im Deutschlandfunk
2015 L’Objet de Recherche, Video from ULBSciences, 16.08.2015
2015 Tweetant de l’Antarctique, Communquer sa recherche, 08.07.2015
2015 Ice-shelf channeling, Interview, Sciencepoles, 19.05.2015
2015 “Ice rises: archives of deglaciation history”, Interview, Sciencepoles, 29.03.2015.
2015 “Iceberg Calving Explained?”, Video interview with Sciencepoles, 03.02.2015
2015 “Antarctique – Pourquoi?” Talk at European School IV, Brussels, 05.02.2015.
2014 “The InBev-Baillet Latour Fellowship”: RTBF Television, Sept. 17th:
2014 “Ice, ski-doos, and chocolate”, Feature in Frontier Energy on p. 32
2014 “Experiences in Antarctica”, Video for Inbev-Baillet Latour Fellowship, March
2013 “Frostbyte: Ice Rises and Ice Rumples, Ice Rise Workshop”, Climate and Cryosphere, 26th August
2013 “Zurück aus der Antarktis – Vorstellung einer Messkampagne” January 23th, Keppler-Gymnasium, Reutlingen, Germany
2013 “Klimaforschung im ewigen Eis”, Interview Schwäbisches Tagblatt, Jan. 17th.
2012 Be:Wise news flash; Oct. 7th, Spiegel Online: www.spiegel-online.de
2012 Interview: Research in Antarctica, IPF, Dec 3.
2012 “Forschung in der Antarktis: Wie und vor allem warum?” January 15th, Keppler-Gymnasium, Reutlingen, Germany
2012 “Was blüht im antarktischen Eis?”, Interview Deutsche Welle, Oct. 12th.

Trailer for the Parsquake Earthquake Series by Solmaz Mohadjer and Sebastian Mutz

A video on an earthquake series together with Matthias Nettesheim. The design and implementation of the video was done done by Solmaz Mohadjer and Sebastian Mutz

Do not underestimate Lego and check out the award-winning frostbite video for the Ice Rise Workshop in Tromsoe, Norway, 2013 🙂