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Geophysics & Glaciology at Univ. Tübingen

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I am a geophysicist with a scientific focus on Glaciology, in particular the Earth’s two remaining ice sheets Antarctica and Greenland. I have done much field work in alpine and polar settings mostly using airborne/ground-based radars & GPS. I am most interested in the ice-sheets’ perimeter where they come in contact with the ocean. At this interface, basal melting occurs and (at least some) people say that this point defines the stability of the entire ice sheet. For understanding past and future sea level variations this is the go-to area at the moment. Other geophysical tools that I use include ground-based radar interferometry and Lidar. In many of my studies, I link the geophysical observations to numerical models (e.g. Elmer/Ice).

I work as a Jr. research group leader (Emmy Noether) and I am associated Earth System Dynamics group at the University of Tübingen. Currently, I am lecturing “Earth Surface Processes” (BA) and “Applied Data Analysis and Modelling for Geoscientists” (MA). Please contact me if you are interested in PhD/MA/BA projects, I think I am a friendly person.